Banned on Facebook


When the crowd of bugs from the Zuckerberg’s pants banned us from Facebook, we cry.

Then we try understand, but we really can’t, so many letters to help center we write.

Too many blood and sex, read community standarts, we receive, not forgive such answers,

And we thinking, why real people can’t talk about real things, who decide so, what a bastard?

Some of us is virgin and nice, and banned just because they say us, you wrong, what a shame,

But we hate their innocence and put them into dirt, it’s a gift from hell and the baptism of flame,

They can’t be good because we all are bad, all hearts united by passion online or by pain in ban.

And they read community standarts daily and nightly. They remember every standart as Bible.

But they stay banned and damned, and life so dark in the ban, because nobody likes banned people.

They want likes and friends and social network, but banned, and fall in damnation so deeply.

They can’t kiss their girlfriends or boyfriends or other friends as banned from chat and events,

Nobody see their selfies, and thinks, and smiles, without smiles all life doesn’t have sense.

Their eyes like coins, they corrupted by love to family, nation and other corporations so.

Corporation is corruption, it provides cheap love and service in exchange for cheap human souls.

That because we bastards, when banned, we take the job for support help to innocent users,

Now we authority, guilty but powerful. They, simple people, are innocent loosers.